IP Networx Review

Do not use IPX. Publicly reported security vulnerabilities show an extremely unsecure platform.


IP Networx was one of the most popular PBN hosts in 2015 (emphasis on was). It provides over 85 A-Block IPs which is almost 40% of all A-Block IPs available. They also promise no footprints on either IPs, nameservers or data centers. Competitively priced, IPX looks like a really good host, however, I found many issues with their platform.

IP Networx


Pricing plans start at: $25/mo (10 IPs)
Price for 100 IPs: $185/mo (100 IPs)


IP Networx promises everything you want – a large number of A-Block IPs and no footprints. However, I had a few reservations just by going through their sales page and their FAQ, even more, when I subscribed and started using them.

They state they only use .de domains for name servers and state that is not an issue. However having an English website, hosted on US servers and using .de domain for nameservers quickly puts you in a minority on the Internet. Sure, large minority and not enough to deindex anything, but a minority nonetheless.

Next, they state they disable email. Every domain and server respond with their mail settings. That means that if you search for, you can filter domains without setup email.

So now we’re in two minorities – having .de domains and disabled email. That sounds like a really small number of websites have that setup.

However, they don’t use only .de domains for their nameservers. They also use a bunch of others. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better. These domains look like they’re registered just for IPX. They’re blank domains, some registered in the same month as I’m writing this (!) and there’s A LOT of different ones. This definitely looks like all customers on IPX use IPX’s own nameservers. And that makes me, especially by counting in previous two points, very, very nervous.

IP Networx

They also use quite a lot of smoke and mirrors on their homepage and FAQ about footprints. They write about “footprint of having name servers [domains] at the same registrar” while most of the other PBN hosts don’t (or at least shouldn’t) use their own domains for name servers so that’s not a real issue.

Then there’s “data center footprint”. Data centers host millions of websites and are not something a cheap SEO hosting provider can build on their own. I’ve never heard of anyone getting deindexed because they had a website in a specific data center.

I’ve also had one of my more techie friends check everything they’re doing. He found they’re servers are responding with some strange, or at the very least very uncommon headers. If that wasn’t enough, there was talk on Facebook SEO groups about IPX’s serious security issues and he found them – very fast!

In short – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to publish everything he found but almost anyone with some technical knowledge can find way more than they should.

Besides everything mentioned, they had reliability issues the whole of 2015. There was not a week that someone on an SEO Facebook group didn’t complain about their sites being offline.

Then the final nail the coffin came in 2016 – when the large French host OVH went down for a whole day and, wait for it, ALL of IPX blogs went down. This means they are exclusively using OVH for ALL their customers! 

Footprints galore, everything hosted on one provider. Avoid.


I’m not sure how IPX got to be one of the most popular PBN hosts. They have some really basic footprints and major security issues, plus their reliability has gone downhill since their launch. I’m not using them and I highly recommend you don’t either.

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IP Networx Review
  • IP/Nameserver Diversity
  • Footprints/Safety
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall
  • Unsecure platform. Stay away.


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  1. My review of IP Networx:

    ****Extremely poor service and possibly a scam****

    Here is why: I have put in an order for upgrade 3 days ago for 125 IPs but still have not been getting what I paid for.

    Customer support does not answer any of my tickets.

    My friend put in a sales ticket and was answered that they would set her up within an hour, this looks like a scam as even after 3 days they have not answered any of my tickets nor given me the hosting I paid for (125 IP package).

    I have put in nearly 50 tickets and none were answered.

    If you think that is the service you would like to have for your PBN you should go with these guys. //sarcasm

  2. Be careful, IP NETWORX makes unauthorized charges to your credit card. I purchased a plan, in the info it says the payment is monthly, but after first payment they start to make charges in advance. That’s illegal because it’s not written in the agreement. Poor support, they don’t answer about that.

    Because of this issue, I’m not working with ip networx anymore.

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