PBN Hosting as the New Generation of SEO Hosting

Hi, welcome to my review page for hosts specializing in providing space for your Private Blog Networks.

Depending on what you’re here for, there’s really nothing new I can tell you. I’ll be reviewing the same key hosting players out there – but the major difference is that I am going to be giving my honest, straightforward review of them. I have used all of these PBN hosts so my reviews are purely anecdotal facts.

So, what’s the deal with SEO hosting?

First generation SEO hosts were just secondary brands to big hosting companies who provided different (usually sequential) C-Block IPs. With Google’s latest algorithms, the effectiveness of those hosts significantly decreased and the market adapted.

New generation SEO hosts now usually provide at least non-sequential C-Block IPs and the best of them even go as far as deploying your blogs to different hosting providers from one control panel.

I’m in a hurry, what’s the best PBN hosting provider at the moment?

If you’re looking for the safest and most natural looking PBN hosting, you can’t go wrong with Easy Blog Networks. It’s the first specialized solution for PBNs and it automatically deploys blogs to random large hosting providers. It uses cutting-edge technology and has fantastic features like Mail Inbox, automatic updates, and daily backups, plus a dashboard with SEO metrics and Blog Health for deindexation prevention. All at a very competitive price.

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Easy Blog Networks PBN Hosting Review

There are some other solid PBN hosts that I’ve reviewed and you can use them for diversifying your blogs even more. You can find the links in the sidebar section.

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