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Easy Blog Networks was one of the first solutions for hosting a private blog network when they launched in late 2014. Instead of being a hosting company themselves, EBN is a platform that deploys WordPress blogs to different hosting providers and automates maintenance. The providers they use are some of the biggest names on the Internet – Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Dreamhost, Rackspace, IBM Cloud, and many others, for a total of 26 hosts.

This is probably the first Easy Blog Networks review that was written years ago, not long after they launched. I’ve kept updating it over the years and the verdict still stands – EBN is by far the best provider for your Private Blog Network.



Pricing plans start at: $35/mo (10 IPs)
Price for 40 IPs: $99/mo

The Review

Because Easy Blog Networks is deploying blogs to other providers, they just need to make sure their platform itself doesn’t have any footprints. And not only do they just say that, they made sure there are no footprints. They actually have third-party auditors check their system for footprints and security vulnerabilities. That’s the openness I like to see with SEO service providers.

They are one of the few providers for hosting private blog networks that have gone through multiple redesigns, making it better looking and easier to use with each iteration. Have a look at their homepage evolution below.

Easy Blog Networks in 2017
Easy Blog Networks in 2019
Easy Blog Networks in 2021

Hosting providers

One major differentiator Easy Blog Networks has with most other SEO hosts – they use IPs and nameservers provided directly by the different hosting companies. This means when your blog is hosted with Digital Ocean, you get their nameserver addresses. This is what some other hosts promise but fail to deliver.

It’s like you’d go directly to the hosting provider and opened several hosting accounts with them, only A LOT easier and A LOT cheaper.

Easy Blog Networks is the only PBN hosting that publishes a list of hosting companies they use and show you the exact hosting provider for each blog you host with them. At the time of writing, they have 26 providers, a lot of them very well-known and large hosts.

At the time of writing, Easy Blog Networks offers up to 500 unique IPs in more than 100 different data centers, all provided by the hosts they use.

The dashboard

The ease of use is on another level from competitors. Everything is as straightforward and minimal as it can be. I really love their dashboard which is a pleasure to use, plus it shows a bunch of useful information – from indexation status, SEO metrics of the blogs and allows you to automatically log in without using a username and password. Their system also automatically updates WordPress, themes, and plugins, AND backs up everything.

A feature I really like is their Mailbox. They automatically create mailboxes for info@domain.com which makes it really easy to receive all emails in one place.

Shortlist Of Features That Only EBN Has

This is a list of features that only Easy Blog Networks has and no other host I’ve reviewed:

  • Randomized install of WordPress – just click Add Blog.
  • Automatic updates of WordPress, themes, and plugins.
  • Daily backups of all blogs.
  • Security and performance setup – if anything goes wrong, they fix it.
  • Automatic nameserver configuration – no need to visit registrars anymore.
  • Details of IPs and providers when blog deployed – they don’t hide anything.
  • Indexation check, SEO Metrics – a great overview of all your blogs.
  • Blog Health for deindexation prevention – easily avoid deindexation.
  • Setup Mailbox on install – easy receiving of emails.
  • Easy HTTPS support – request on support and it’s done.
  • Automatic blog transfer from existing providers.

Transferring blogs to EBN

One of the common pain I feel when moving my network to another host is the transfer process. But with Easy Blog Networks, this pain was nowhere to be found. Not only have they fully automated the blog transfer – all I needed to do was enter my blog information and that’s it – and everything can be done in bulk, fast. That means no waiting for days (sometimes weeks) for support to let me know the status of the transfer.


Besides the great platform they built, Easy Blog Networks also has a great tech team behind the service. They’re always willing to help with any concerns and questions I have, fix blogs when they break, optimize everything for speed, and even secure your blogs from hacker attempts. The blogs are so fast, I’m even using them for some of my smaller money sites (this blog is actually running on EBN).


Probably the only thing left on your mind is – is Easy Blog Networks safe? Yes, and this has been confirmed by third-party case studies from PBN Fox and Charles Floate which you can read about on their homepage. That said, this hasn’t been a real question for a while now, as people know the risk (and reward) of PBNs better than in the past. And in no known cases since 2014 has the issue of deindexing been in the hosting provider.


There are many Easy Blog Networks alternatives but they all have way more cons than EBN. That said, there are a few things that could be better. For one, they highly discourage high traffic blogs as the servers are set up for PBN sites which usually don’t have much traffic.

The only other thing I could fault EBN for is being WordPress-only hosting. I’d love for them to allow for other platforms if only just HTML sites. However, they decided they want to completely focus on WordPress so it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any other options on Easy Blog Networks.


I thought that doing an Easy Blog Networks review would afford me to find flaws with the system. But it really did not. I just love the ease of use. And Easy Blog Networks is so much more than just PBN hosting – it’s an automated platform to host WordPress where everything is hands-off, from updates, backups to maintenance and security. Plus, their dashboard helps you follow the metrics of your blogs and Blog Health which helps you avoid getting your blogs deindexed. It’s a perfect package, and yes, I am a big fanboy!

The Verdict

Easy Blog Networks checks off all my requirements and does so with flying colors. If you’re looking for an automated, easy-to-use and safe solution for PBN hosting, you can’t go wrong with Easy Blog Networks. Since launching in 2014, EBN has become a constant in the SEO industry and the leading provider for hosting PBNs.

I highly recommend you use EBN for your own private blog network.

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Easy Blog Networks Review
  • IP/Nameserver Diversity
  • Footprints/Safety
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall
  • Easy Blog Networks lives up to its name. It's currently by far the best solution for hosting and managing your blog network.


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