PBN Hosting Reviews

Read my blog post on what I look for in PBN hosting when doing reviews.

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks is the first specialized solution for hosting PBNs. Instead of being a hosting company themselves, EBN is a platform that deploys WordPress blogs to different hosting providers and automates the maintenance. Providers they use are some of the biggest names on the Internet – Amazon, HP Cloud, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, SoftLayer (IBM) and many others.

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Bulk Buy Hosting

Bulk Buy Hosting has been gaining in popularity in 2017. It offers good IPs and nameservers. Unfortunately, that’s all there is to it.

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PBN.hosting launched in 2016 and advertises setup on CDNs which is a good concept. It could be a good option for your HTML sites, so how does it compare?

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GoPBN is the newcomer in PBN hosting. The owners are veterans of the hosting industry and they promise servers with large hosting providers and safe and diversified setup. GoPBN looks like a contender.

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NoNameInternet is a multi-location hosting company that currently has 90 IPs across 53 data centers around the world. In complete opposite to Easy Blog Networks, NoNameInternet doesn’t state anywhere it’s targeting the SEO crowd but goes for an anonymous, “no name” look (not that it’s not known what it’s used for).

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Multiple Cloud

Multiple Cloud is one of the older hosts but it never took hold in PBN Facebook groups or even Blackhat World. Let’s see if they are missing anything.

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Paz Hosting

PAZ Hosting is also one of the older hosts in the industry. It offers A-block IPs on cPanel but you need to wait for them to manually send you the access. It might have been a good option back in 2014 but in 2017 it’s just not something you’d want use.

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Cloak Hosting

CloakHosting is one of the older “New Generation” SEO hosts. They provide diverse IP, no footprints on the platform and over 50 A-Block IPs in over 50 locations all over the world.

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Cloud Boss pro has been promoted by his owner as a “revolution” in SEO and PBN hosting. It promises brand hosting providers hosted from one dashboard with absolutely no footprints. Unfortunately, CloudBoss.pro not only misses on the “revolution” part, it actually even misses the “evolution” in SEO hosting.

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IP NetworX

IP Networx is one of the most popular PBN hosts. It provides over 85 A-Block IPs which is almost 40% of all A-Block IPs available. They also promise no footprints on either IPs, DNS or data centers. Competitively priced, IPX looks like a really good host, however, I found many issues with their platform.

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