Are PBNs coming back in 2022?

If you’re in SEO, you’ve probably noticed a shift to Guest Posts in the past few years. This was most probably due to the increase in domain acquisition costs for PBNs. That said, the prices of guest posts are now getting ridiculous, especially since we all know a large majority of those links are on glorified PBNs (yes, they have some real traffic but come on). Yes, you can get posts on real blogs but you’ll be paying into hundreds of dollars which does not make any sense for one link with the metrics they provide. Two of those guest posts and you have a powerful domain just for yourself. One more and you can fill it with good content and start ranking with it.

So what will happen in 2022? Well, I think PBNs are coming back, at least in a minor way. I’ve seen a decrease in costs in my PBN domain acquisition and I’ve gotten some amazing domains for just registration costs (yes, in 2021).

So, some smart SEOs might go back to PBNs, or if they’ve not gone away, double down. The 2017-2018 bubble has gone away after biz-op people have left the industry and gone to whatever is the flavor nowadays. But PBNs are here to stay and I think it’s the right time to start (re)building one today.

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