PBN Hosting in 2019

For 2019 there are not many changes. The PBN hosting industry has been more or less the same for the last two years. No major entrants that would endanger the current top selection. The two that are by far most commonly recommended in FB groups and forums are, not by coincidence, also the two that I list on the top – Easy Blog Networks and Bulk Buy Hosting.

On the topic of Easy Blog Networks – they’ve updated their site. The previous version was there probably from the beginning and it was showing its age. There were also some nice UI updates. It’s great to see that some people still work on their business (looking at you CloakHosting). BBH also did some changes to the homepage but it still looks half-done.

I’ve added a new theme for the blog to make it more crisp and updated to WP 5.0+ with Gutenberg. I love it for my affiliate sites, not sure why people are so annoyed by it. It makes writing blog posts with media a lot faster.

Here’s to another two years of commissions! 🙂

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