What providers does your PBN host use?

It won’t come as a big surprise I’m a big Easy Blog Networks fan. But do you know why?

The main reason is they clearly state who their hosting and DNS providers are.

And why is that important? Well, let’s start with a bit of history.

ServersFirst Generation SEO Hosts

First generation SEO hosts were companies that bought a few servers and rented (or maybe even bought) a lot of C-Block IPs from different providers. Then they rented those servers to anyone looking for SEO hosting with different IPs. They of course used their own nameservers.

Once Google penalized the industry evolved.

Second Generation SEO Hosts

Second generation hosts don’t use sequential C-Block IPs anymore. Everything moved to A-Block and how many A-Block IPs you can get. Most of them also promise they host with different providers and no nameserver footprints.

…but wait…

There aren’t very many SEO hosts that provide you with clear answers on where they host and whose IPs they’re using.

The thing is – not all IPs are created equal. There are IPs used for gaming, IPs used for proxies and IPs used for hosting websites. Do you know which IPs your SEO host is using? How about whose data centers they’re using?

Cloak Hosting says they use “many” hosts but don’t provide a list (I was given mostly really cheap cPanel hosts). They don’t tell you whose nameservers they’re using but I found out it’s not that diverse. NoNameInternet looks like it’s using their own, as is IPX. I have no idea who they host with because they don’t say.

Do *you* know where your provider hosts your blogs?

I’m using EBN because it provides me with clear information about the server, IP and nameservers. It’s all very transparent and it’s very clear they’re using quality providers for everything. That’s why I’m a big fan. See my review.