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GoPBN has been acquired by Easy Blog Networks and has discontinued its service.


GoPBN is the newcomer in PBN hosting. The owners are veterans of the hosting industry and they promise servers with large hosting providers and safe and diversified setup. On first look GoPBN looks like a contender.


Pricing plans start at: $5/mo (1 IPs)
Price for 50 IPs: $187.5/mo


The first thing you’ll notice – GoPBN is expensive, really expensive. From all the hosts I reviewed EBN had the highest price at $99 for 40 blogs ($2.475/blog/month) but GoPBN charges $187.5 for just 10 blogs more ($3.75/blog/month) – that’s 50% more expensive. So, is it that much better than EBN?

GoPBN advertises a very similar setup to EBN – large hosting providers with their DNS setup. Unfortunately, they do not publish a list of hosting providers nor do they show you which provider your blog is hosted with. From looking at my 10 deployed blogs, the diversification between hosts is a lot lower than on EBN.

Besides WordPress, they also provide Joomla and Ghost. They say it’s a big advantage however with Joomla having a 7% market share (and decreasing) and Ghost having less than 0.1%, does it really make a difference? I rather order a bunch of links to diversify than to use a completely new (Ghost) or useless and outdated (Joomla) CMS.

After setup, the owner did not want to activate my account and requested a government-issued IDI would never, ever give my government ID to any host, much less a newcomer in the space. So I asked a friend to signup for me so I could finish the review (and was not carded, so not sure what was the reason for the first check).

Account setup is usually the simplest part, but GoPBN decided there have to be multiple steps to it. Registering, verifying email so you can set the password for your account, set up your billing profile for every package you buy ( a bunch of personal details you need to input, including company and telephone number), then fill-up billing address again upon checkout. Once you’re finally set up, you’ll be welcomed by a modern-looking dashboard.

Blog deployment is really fast. There’s no one-click login to blogs but you do get access to database and file manager.

There are no additional features, like SEO metrics, backups or anything else. They also don’t mention anything about security or performance setup.

In the end, question what the owners were thinking. They entered the market with 50% higher pricing than EBN, copied their setup but provided absolutely no additional value. Don’t get me wrong, GoPBN is not bad but why not just go with EBN?


GoPBN is a bit late to the game, with a similar hosting setup as EBN for a higher price and no other features. Why use the copycat when you can get the original with more features for cheaper?

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GoPBN Review
  • IP/Nameserver Diversity
  • Footprints/Safety
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Overall
  • GoPBN is not a bad host. But with too similar setup as EBN and a way too high price, I can't see a reason to recommend it.


    5 1 Solid

One comment

  1. The owner was so sulky that his over-priced product did not get a glowing recommendation from a reviewer, he made his followers click my ad so I would “spend tons of money”.


    He should spend more time making his product better (and cheaper!) and it would have been a lot better for everyone.

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