How Terry Kyle sent spam backlinks to my blog

This is what happens if you step on an SEO’s toe. I was told months ago that Terry’s a really good guy and has some good knowledge to share so I started following him. However, on the first webinar I attended he started bashing the competition, revealing their customers’ websites and flat out lying to promote his new service

I called him out in my review. The review started ranking #1 for “ review” and #2 for “”. I’m sure this annoyed him quite a bit.

So he sent me a sulky email how I have no idea about SEO and how I should “blog about something I know about”. Looking at the results when searching for the service, I think I’m doing a pretty good job, don’t you think?

I replied and requested he explains where I went wrong in the review about his service. I received no answer.

A week after that, some weird backlinks started appearing. A LOT of them, few thousand. With exact match anchor for review and some Chinese anchors.


Not even trying to hide who’s behind it. Really good job, Terry. Really good job.

Terry’s Awesome Copy/paste-writing

Oh, and Terry, get a copywriter so you don’t just copy/paste your competitor’s headlines. With all your awesome SEO history, one would think you’d be able to afford it.

Easy Blog Networks Headlinea
Easy Blog Networks Headline Headline Headline



  1. Ben, if you think hosting your expensive PBN sites on the same IPs as a load of other SEOs is a great idea, should you be even teaching SEO? Check your SEO history on Google zapping entire blog networks – any idea how they linked all those sites together dude? Hmmmmmm.

    Fortunately, the traffic to your blog suggests that the damage from your ‘expert advice’ is minimal.

    Of course, you won’t publish this comment as, to quote Jack Nicholson, you can’t handle the truth.

    1. Hello Terry, nice of you to drop by!

      You can try changing the discussion but it won’t fly with me. Why are you again talking about your competition? Your service is a seriously flawed concept and you haven’t addressed it. You also did not address your outing of a fellow SEO’s website or your flat out lie about reverse IP. And I’m not even going into you sending spammy backlinks to this blog.

      EBN has addressed your question many times on their website. You could’ve noticed that when you were copying their headlines.

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