Updates for 2016 – PBN Hosting

2015 has been an exciting and successful year for me (lots of travel, fun and a bit more money too). Hopefully it’s been the same for you too.

There were also some news in the PBN hosting space – Easy Blog Networks has become an undeniable first choice for anyone looking to build and host their own PBN. IP NetworX has gone downhill fast and they’ve been offline for days at a time. No changes at all for CloakHosting or NoNameInternet which says something in itself. We also saw a new entry, CloudBoss.pro, whose owner tried to spam the review from the first results. He failed.

I’ve taken a few hours today and updated the reviews so they’re all bright and shiny for 2016. There are also at least two new entries in the PBN hosting space and I’ll need to review them soon, so stay tuned.

Until then – keep rocking the SERPs!

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