Where to find expired domains

When building your PBNs, you will usually choose from three different types:

  • expiring domains on auctions,
  • recently expired domains,
  • expired domains.

You can of course also buy live websites but those can get expensive really fast.

Expiring Domains On Auctions

These were all the rage in 2013/14 but once PBNs went mainstream, the prices became absurd and domains started going for a few hundred dollars for really basic metrics. Since then, most SEOs look into expired domains.

Recently Expired Domains

Most expired domain tools like ExpiredDomains.net and Domcop browse expiring and recently expired domains. Recently expired domains are those that were not sold on auctions. You’ll have a hard time finding golden nuggets here since they’ve went through thousands of eyeballs. You might find a solid domain with some basic metrics but don’t hold  your breath.

Expired Domains

This is where everyone is getting their domains now. Find an authority site, scrape all outbound links and see if there are any links pointing to expired domains. There are millions and millions of domains like that and they’re all up for grabs. With a bit of luck you’ll even find a domain with metrics in your niche.

Where to go to find these domains? There are three best resources for this: The.Domain.Name, Domains.PBNHQ.com and Hammerhead Domains. You can signup for free with all of those and browse their databases.

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