WordPress alternatives for your PBN

There’s no question about it – WordPress is by far the most popular CMS. However, for some you still want to use other CMS or just plain HTML. Especially if you build a static page where you don’t need to add posts on a regular basis.

Below are a few plain, simple PHP CMSs I found that are really easy to use and don’t even need a MySQL database. That means you can host them on really cheap hosting plans.

If you know of any other, let me know!

Make sure your WordPress blog is not infected with malware

WordPress, being the most popular CMS, gets targeted by cyber criminals a lot. There are many reasons why a criminal would want to infect your site and none are good for you (obviously).

Often times you might not even notice the infection since it doesn’t necessarily change the appearance of your blog. The easiest way to check if your blog is infected is to run Sucuri’s scanner for malware.

Of course, if you’re using Easy Blog Networks, they already take care of all security for you.