Where to get content for your PBN blogs

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Writing content must be one of the most tedious tasks of Internet Marketing. You know you have to do it, but seriously who wants to?

And usually one of the worst things is when you don’t know what to even write about. So, here’s a few tips and tricks that I used when I was writing content for my PBN blogs. I’ve outsourced everything by now, but these tips are also used by my VAs and writers.

Popular Blogs

Find the popular blogs in your niche and find their most popular posts. Summarize them in your own words and post them to your blogs.

Visit Ezinearticles

There is no niche that is not written about there. Go, enter your keywords in their search and find articles to summarize.

Article Spinners

When you’re writing content, you can quadruple the amount of usable articles with an article spinner. Just enter the article in the spinner, click spin, review the final result and post to different blogs.

Spin Rewriter or TheBestSpinner are the best value for money. Both have free or cheap trials, so get them and test them out.


When you’re making money, focus on things that bring you the most money. Find a writer who will know how to use an article spinner and follow the tips above and you’ll be rid of the dreadful task of writing.

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